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SCKFA Bylaws

SCKFA Bylaws

SCKFA Bylaws

Article I
The Organization shall be known as the South-Central Kentucky Firefighters Association, Inc.

Article II
Mission and Vision

The South-Central Kentucky Firefighters Association will advocate, coordinate and
promote the interest of the Fire services of Kentucky.
We will seek memberships to our organization to further educate and create unity. We desire to provide a partnership atmosphere to empower the Fire services in
South-Central Kentucky.

The South-Central Kentucky Firefighters Association in unity with State Fire Rescue will sponsor and Host an annual Fire School that will promote safety principles and up to date education to all our First Responders.
We Desire to obtain membership from each department in our Region.
We will seek benefits, resources and tools to promote recruitment and retention of Firefighters in the South-Central Kentucky Region.
We will share all knowledge and lessons learned across the commonwealth of Kentucky.

Article III

Section 1 Members of the Association shall be defined: as an Active Fire Department in our geographical area, Individual-Associate, Corporate membership and Sustaining Membership.

Section 2 Active Definition: any established fire Department within the 10 County area consisting of Allen, Barren, Butler, Edmonson, Logan, Monroe, Simpson, Todd, Christian and Warren Counties of Kentucky that have paid their dues for the current year.

Section 3 Associate or Individual: Any individual with an interest in the fire service may be an associate member of this Association; Such members shall be accorded all benefits and privileges of this Association with exception of the right to hold office and to vote. The associate membership privilege shall also be extended to organized fire departments located in areas outside the ten counties indicated in Section 2 of this article.

Section 4 Active Fire Department Membership: Any active Fire department within the Ten County area of the South-Central Kentucky Firefighters association this includes: Allen, Barren, Butler, Christian, Edmonson, Logan, Monroe, Simpson, Todd and Warren. Such members shall be accorded all benefits and privileges of this Association. Each Department is entitled to one Votes and its members can hold office vacancies listed in these by-laws.

Section 5 Corporate Membership: Will be afforded special privileges and benefits as established by this organization such as example advertisement on Social-Media and discounts, with exception of the right to hold office and to vote.

Section 6 Sustaining Membership: Will be afforded special privileges and benefits as established by this organization such as advertisement and discounts to vendor set up at events hosted by this organization, with exception of the right to hold office and to vote.

Section 7 Dues: Membership fees for all classifications will be established by this organization’s Board. Fire departments and other listed memberships will be considered members in good standing or Active upon receipt of their yearly due payment. Membership dues will be due Jan 1st of each year. This ensures your active standing when voting on Officers. We will accept dues thru out the year. Membership shall expire December 31st of each year.

Section 8 Voting: Every Fire Department located within the 10 County area as described in Section 2 of this article, which is a member of this Association in good standing, is entitled to 1 voting delegate on the Association floor. If a member Department is represented by only one delegate that delegate shall be entitled to vote. In the event of dissension among the members in an individual Department on the vote of their Department, all members present from that Department will be polled and the majority shall prevail.

Section 9 Proxy Voting: Proxy voting shall be allowed by a recognized member of the Fire Department in good standing, if the member presents a notarized statement or intentions on a letterhead signed from the Chief of the absent Department authorizing the member to vote on behalf of the department. Proxy voting is only allowed for selection of this organization’s Executive officers.

Article IV
Association Officers

Section 1 The elective officers of this Association shall be President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer positions. The President shall be elected for a term of one year and shall hold office until successors have been elected and qualified. The President and Vice President shall be nominated at the first 1st annual meeting each year and voted on at the second meeting of the year. The Secretary and Treasurer positions shall be elected for a 4-year staggered term. The President will not be allowed to serve more than three consecutive terms unless special circumstance exist and is agreed upon by the Board.

Section 2 The officers of this Association shall be nominated by Active Fire Department members of this association and approved by a nominating committee appointed by the president, which Will consists of 4 representatives selected from the ten counties mentioned in Article 3 section 2, They must be represented and in good standing. If at this time there are no nominations from the floor, the secretary should cast one vote for those nominated by the nomination committee at the second meeting. If there is a nomination from the floor, duly seconded, there shall be a secret ballot taken. Majority shall elect. Officers and Directors shall be expected to attend all regular and called meetings of this Association, if an elected officer or Director is absent for 2 consecutive meetings without a valid reason the office shall be declared vacant.

Section 3 Elective officers of this Association, by virtue of their office, shall compose the Executive officers. Their duty shall be to publish the proceedings of the Association, transact all business of this Association as needed between meetings. They shall appoint a board of directors from the Ten County area for the management of all funds of this Association. At all meetings a majority of such quorum may determine the outcome of all questions and decisions. Executive Board Meetings include the Directors and may be conducted by telephone or via internet if a majority of members are present at one time in what is commonly known as a conference call or Zoom.

Section 4 The Executive officers have a limit of $500 approval without bringing it before the full body with exceptions to any type of training and any special accounts, such as grants or any other accounts.

Section 5 Definitions:
Executive officers: Include the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasure positions.
Executive Board: includes the Executive officers and the ten Directors.
Directors: are made up of 10 representatives selected from the ten-county area we represent with no more than 2 from each county.

Article V
Duties of Officers

Section 1 Duty of the President: preside over regular meetings or special called meetings of the Association. They shall preside over the Executive Board meetings, appoint all committees, except as otherwise provided, to sign all orders duly made and granted by the Executive Board, and to carry out and enforce the constitution and bylaws to the best of his or her ability.

Section 2 Duty of the Vice President: in order of their good standing to perform all the duties of the President in his or her absence. The Vice President is to act as liaison to the President and all appointed committees.

Section 3 Duty of the Secretary: keep a complete record of the proceedings of the meetings, countersign all orders duly granted, to receive an answer all communications with the approval of the Executive Board pertaining to the Association.

Section 4 Duty of the Treasure: collect all monies due the Association, keep an accurate account of same. Financial standings of the Association will be audited annually and reported at each quarterly business meeting with a copy of such records available to the membership.

Section 5 The Director positions: shall be of Ten. The Ten will come from the 10 County area we represent with no more than Two from any county listed. The Directors can be nominated and voted on by the Executive officers and current Directors when vacancies are present or appointed by the Executive Officers if in agreement.

Article VI

Section 1 The meeting of this Association shall be held Quarterly. Meeting locations will move throughout the 10 County area. Special meetings of the Association may be called by the president upon notification to all Executive members by the Secretary, and in all calls for special meanings, the purpose of such meeting must be stated in the call.

Section 2 A quorum at any regular quarterly meeting of this Association shall consist of eight qualified representatives in good standing or active majority of the 10 county representatives in good standing with membership.

Section 3 A quorum at any special called meeting by the president of the Executive Board shall consist of majority of Executive officers and current active Directors.

Section 4 Failure to hold any meetings, at the time designated in the constitution and bylaws shall in no matter cause dissolution of the Association.

Section 5 This Association will meet Quarterly to conduct business of the Association. The meeting place will be at the discretion of the President.

Section 6 The Chair of any committee can call a meeting of said committee to discuss the business of that committee as often as necessary.

Article VII

Section 1 This Association shall have full power in its meetings to alter, amend or revise the constitution and bylaws but it shall be necessary for a majority Quorum of the current Executive Board delegates to be in agreement.

Article VIII
Meeting Rules

Section 1 All meetings of this Association shall be conducted by Roberts Rule of Order.

Article IX

Section 1 The Association will have the following standing committees:

Social- Media Committee
Fire School Committee
Fund raising Committee
Nominations Committee

Kentucky Firefighters Association

Revised 04/06/2022

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