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Meeting Minutes from May 26, 2022

This is a copy of the meeting minutes for May 26, 2022

Meeting Minutes from May 26, 2022

Board Meeting Minutes 5/26/22.
The Board of Directors met at Gott Fire Department. The Meeting was called to order by President Cheryl Allen.
Mike Hughes called the roll where 5 members, Becky West, Matt Pedigo, Dustin Pierce, Brian Hope and Robert Celing, were absent. Tim Slade resigned due to health reasons. A quorum was not present.
The minutes were read by Mike Hughes from the April 6th meeting.
Mike Hughes read the Treasurer’s Report where he stated that since the last meeting there were:
$5,308.11 in Deposits.
$3,117.11 in expenses. $2,980.00 of which was paid out to the winners of the fishing tournament.
$4,343.73 Checking Balance.

Old Business:
Cheryl Allen discussed the fishing tournament and stated that the tournament went very well considering the short amount of time we had to put it together. We had 25 boats that participated. Mike Hughes gave a financial breakdown for the tournament.
$2,220.00 received from sponsors.
$2,623.11 received from entry fees.
$2,980.00 was paid out to the tournament winners.
Leaving us with $1,893.11 in profit.

Mike Hughes gave a breakdown on the gun raffle.
$800.00 in tickets were sold
$400.00 spent for the purchase of the rifle.
$400.00 in profit.

Committee Reports:
Fire School Committee – John Weatherbee was not present to give a report.
A list of possible classes was distributed for review. Electrical Vehicle Extrication and New sprinkler prop were suggested to be added to the curriculum.

Social Media Committee – Nelson stated that he hasn’t heard back from Kevin Baily on help with the website. Nelson also stated that he and Mike Hughes worked for several days on the website in order for it to accept registrations for the fishing tournament, as well as having the ability to accept payments, not only for the tournament, but future events/fundraisers as well. We had three pay through the website and the funds were transferred to our checking account.
If anyone has any events or fundraisers for their department, please send them so we can get them posted on the website and social media.

Fund Raising Committee – No report.

Stair Climb Committee – No Report.

Nomination Committee – No Report

New Business

Nominations were taken for the Executive Board positions at the last meeting for President (Nelson Slaughter), Vice President (Cheryl Allen) and Secretary (Becky West). All positions were running un-apposed. Secretary Mike Hughes accepted the nominations as presented with no opposition from those in attendance. The Directors positions were also running unopposed. Matt King, Dustin Pierce, Robert Celing, Matt Pedigo, Brian Hope, and Jake Burnett were confirmed. Tim Slade resigned due to health conditions and will be replaced by Bradley Fortner.
Edmonson and Monroe counties do not currently have a representative.

Cheryl Allen spoke about the generous contribution to the Association from Spine Stop Chiropractic in the amount of $9,080.00. This will secure the funding for our fire school in November. Dr. Grant Watkins is a very community oriented, and we appreciate his support of this association.

Kentucky Association of Fire Chief’s will have a meeting on June 2nd in Paris Kentucky. It will follow the Fire Commission Meeting. Registration is also open for the Leadership Conference at the Sloan Convention Center on August 23rd-25th. Registration is $150 for the first individual and $100 for any other departmental employees.

June fire school is also coming up in Lexington.

KFA is working to changing the tier 3 retirement as well as tier 1 and 2 full healthcare. They are also working on KRS’s to allow local jurisdictions to conduct fire inspections on a non-state buildings. The KFA is selling $20 challenge coins to fund the extension of the walls on the Firefighter Memorial.
The next KFA Meeting will be June 9th.

The changes to the state certification program may be pushed out to the end of the year due to issues with the system. Please continue to track your firefighters’ hours and notify Mary Adams if you are seeing any problems.

There is a bill due for our Website from Wix in the amount $564.00 + applicable taxes.

The next meeting will be on August 18th. Location is Scottsville Fire Department #2..

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